Hi, my name is Andrey. I created Briefmetrics and founded our company, Zowic. Before this, I worked at Google on Google Analytics.

I am passionate about building useful tools for all kinds of people, and much of my work is open source.

You can find more of my projects at, or follow me at @shazow.


Whenever I meet people, I like to ask them "do you use Google Analytics?" and invariably the response is "Yes!"—Of course it is, Google Analytics is by far the most popular analytics tool.

My next question is usually "do you like it?" and... then there is an awkward pause.

You probably dread signing into Google Analytics, just like I do. It is hard work finding important data about your websites, and it shouldn't be.

Briefmetrics tries to make it as easy and simple as possible to get exposure to your really valuable analytics. We refuse to accept that the only way to do this is by spending weeks going through blog posts and video tutorials. With Briefmetrics, you should be up and running in under a minute.

I can't live without Briefmetrics, and I hope you won't have to either.