Briefmetrics for Agencies

White label plans include a customized header logo, intro statement, email from name, and more.

Do you offer analytics reporting for your clients?

Many clients will pay for their website to be made, and promptly forget about it as they resume running their business. Weekly analytics reports increase your client’s engagement with the site’s growth, which drives more iteration and business for your agency.

Web design clients love Briefmetrics

We invite you to run a pilot with a few clients and see how they like the reports. Take advantage of our free trial and get started in less than a minute.

Our customers have tried many solutions, from Google Analytics PDFs to hand-crafted reports and many services in between. Briefmetrics stands out because it’s not just a big spreadsheet of data--every section is thoughtfully designed and the important pieces are highlighted for quick consumption.

DeLapp Design

“Our web design agency proudly includes Briefmetrics reports as a perk for being our client. With custom-branded reports, our clients stay more engaged with their websites' growth which drives more iteration and business for our agency.Devon DeLapp, Principal at DeLapp Design

Pricing structure

The cost varies based on the number of sites you’re accommodating. In the bulk end, we target $3/site/month. Every report comes with unlimited recipients.

If Briefmetrics succeeds in driving even one billable hour of iteration work, then it has already paid for itself several years over.

Check our pricing page for the full breakdown.

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