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Weekly Report for Aug 09, 2022

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Happy Customers

Briefmetrics is used by many startups, design agencies, and hobbyists. Here are some nice words they'd like to share with you:

  • Runscope

    “Runscope hosts several important tools for developers, Briefmetrics lets us keep track of how they're doing without spending hours navigating Google Analytics. Thanks to Briefmetrics‘ concise weekly reports sent to the Runscope team, everything is 200 OK.” John Sheehan, CEO at Runscope
  • Appcanary

    “Every Monday I look forward to my Briefmetrics reports; they're the easiest way to keep up to date with our analytics as we plan our marketing efforts for the week.” Phillip Mendonça-Vieira, CTO at Appcanary
  • DeLapp Design

    “Our web design agency proudly includes Briefmetrics reports as a perk for being our client. With custom-branded reports, our clients stay more engaged with their websites' growth which drives more iteration and business for our agency.Devon DeLapp, Principal at DeLapp Design

    “Briefmetrics has enabled our team of 200+ employees to understand what our web traffic means and how our efforts correlate with our results. Having that kind of insight in an easily digestible format has been great for the company.Elizabeth Katzki, Marketing Manager at

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